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We recognize that right now we are in scary and difficult times.  As a small local business we understand the effect that this is having not only in the country but in our own back yard.  We are looking at a predicted 30% drop in sales for small businesses as an anticipated result of COVID 19. The hurdles a small business faces on the day to day are stressful enough without extra pressure.  With that being said, The Gallery family is starting "The Buddy System" designed to help our local small businesses in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff. 

Here's how it works:

The Peanut Gallery and The Gallery are accepting donations of any size- That can be collected by Check, Cash or Credit Card- over the phone- or in person. Both locations will remain operating at our normal business hours.  Every person that donates (any amount) will be added to a guest list for a special party at a later date. We will then use the funds as we receive them to purchase gift certificates at local businesses in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff. This effort is intended to keep cash flow moving through these great businesses at a time when traffic is down. Even the smallest gesture can make an impact. 


Once this passes... The Gallery will be hosting a "All clear with cheap beer" Party- to which all participants are invited.  Throughout the night, the gift certificates will be raffled off at no extra charge to anyone who made a donation. If interested, please call or drop by.  If you have a suggestion of a small business we should include in the Buddy System- send it our way!

The Gallery & Peanut Gallery are family run businesses that extend beyond our doors and into our community.  Thank you for supporting small businesses during this time and for being part of our family!

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